Top 8 Best Dog Gates for Stairs in the USA

We know that your dog wanders in your house, thinking of it as his kingdom. He doesn’t give a shit about where to go and where to not—climbing the stairs at one time and getting down at the other, of course! It can be dangerous for some puppies. You want something to stop your dog from its space, and best dog gates for stairs perform an excellent function in this respect.

The dog gates are good in the initial learning times of a dog to know his indoor boundaries. You can place them as a barrier between the floor and stairs, partitioning the roof from your floor with just a single thing. These gates are equally suitable for pets and babies.

You can use a dog gate if you want to limit your dog to one room or to isolate a single room (such as a kitchen) from the rest of the house so that the dog won’t go there. 

Many brands manufacture dog or baby gates, and you may worry about which one to choose. But, we went out of our way in sorting out the top 8 best dog gates for stairs for you, so get on the page, and you will get something good for yourself after that.

Top 8 Dog Gates for stairs with their Pros and Cons

A helpful tip in advance: measure the doorway before buying any one of the gates. It will help you choose the best option for you.

1. Regalo Easy Step 38.5-inch best dog gates for stairs

Regalo Easy Step best dog gates for stairs
Regalo Easy Step best dog gate

Regalo claims to produce high-quality products with innovation. Regalo easy step walks thru best dog gate for stairs are made of stainless steel, which is durable too. It can be suitable for doorways and stairs, sized between 29 to 34 inches and 35 to 38.5 inches, works equally good for pets and babies.

Pros –

  • Extra-wide size ranges from 29 to 34 inches and 35 to 38.5 inches with 30 inches in height.
  • Pressure mount design allows easy and quick installation.
  • Adjustable size- comes with a 6-inch extension kit.
  • Durable and convenient- All steel bodies and certified by both JPMA and ASTM standards.
  • Multiple lock features

Cons –

  • Oil or moisture may leach out of the rubber feet onto the wall.
  • The bar at the bottom of the gate may be unpleasant, and your foot can hit while walking through it.
  • Sharp edges inside may hurt when crossing it.

NOTE: The gap between the latch and frame is not a defect; it will be eliminated when installed.

2. Regalo Easy Open 47-inch Super Wide Best Dog Gates for Stairs

Regalo Easy Open
Regalo Easy Open

The main features are the same as above, with some exceptions and even improvements.

Pros –

  • Can be accommodated between 29-47 inches doorways.
  • Include one 4-inch and one 12-inch wide extension, four wall cups, screws, four pressure-mounted spindle rods.
  • Perfect for hallways and doorways and bottom of the stairs.

Cons –

  • Maybe it is weak at the extension points.
  • It is not ideal for openings from 37 to 41 inches to make sure your size doesn’t fall in this range when choosing it.

3. Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall best dog gates for stairs

Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall best dog gates for stairs
Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Gate

The summer multi-use dog gate is a metal-made and bronze finished extra tall gate that is 36 inches tall and fits openings ranging from 28.5 to 48 inches. You can use it in hallways, doorways, and other wide openings. Its decorative design will go perfectly with the home décor and will complement your interior design.

Pros –

  • The extra width accommodates openings ranging from 28.5 to 48 inches.
  • Its 36-inch height prevents the dogs and babies from jumping over the gate.
  • Auto close and hold-open feature- Equipped with auto close feature providing hands-free convenience and the hold-open feature keeps the door open when you want to walk through the door multiple times.
  • Safe and secure
  • A removable door stopper prevents the door from swinging upon the stairs.

Cons –

  • May gets bowed when used with all included extensions covering an area of 45 inches or more.
  • The thruway allowed by it may be narrow if you have something in your hands; laundry, for example.
  • Some people complain that the lock broke very soon.

4. Toddler by the North States Easy Swing and Lock Gate forn stairs

Toddler by the North States Easy Swing and Lock Gate
Toddler by the North States Easy Swing

This dog gate by Toddler is fit for broader areas and stairways and can be used for openings from 28.68 to 47.85 inches and 31 inches tall. It is made of steel with a matte bronze finish that works with every home décor. “Quality is everything to us,” they say. They produce the most innovative, superior quality products designed to provide the highest standards for safety, durability, and ease of use.

Pros –

  • Easy swing and lock operation
  • One-hand open operation
  • Extra-wide door and no threshold and bottom bar ensures a secure walk-thru without any stumble
  • Safe and secure hardware mounts
  • Hard to climb, barrier

Cons –

  • The connectors on the wall are made of plastic that may wear and tear soon.
  • There are large bolts on the gate that can injure you when passed unconsciously.
  • You may get the drilling process hectic while installing it, and the installation is comparably tricky.
  • Some find it frustrating to lift it for opening the door.

5. Cumbor 46-inch, Auto-close Safety Best Dog Gates for Stairs

Cumbor 46-inch, Auto-close Safety best dog gates for stairs
Cumbor 46-inch, Auto-close Safety Gate

A number best Dog gate for stairs is an Auto-close and extra-wide gate that fits openings that range from 29.5 to 46-inch and is 30.5-inch high. Cumbor makes several size options; you can choose according to your need. This metal door is equally suitable for stairs, doorways, and hallways.

Pros –

  • Auto-closing with a double lock design means that you have to pull the button and lift the swing door to open the gate, making it difficult for kids to open it but easier for elders.
  • Simple pressure mounting, easy and convenient to install in a short time, without damaging the walls
  • Steel-made dog gates with added strength and durability can withstand up to 150 pounds impact by Husky, Alaska, etc.

Cons –

  • Some people find it a not good fit for widths from 35.6 – 37.8 inches with these extension sizes.
  • Little pups may stick their head between the last bar and the wall.
  • Installing it would be just near to impossible if you have baseboard molding.

6. Regalo 192-inch Super Wide Adjustable Best Dog Gates for Stairs

Regalo 192-inch Super Wid best dog gates for stairse Adjustable Gate
Regalo 192-inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate

Here comes the Giant! Regalo super-wide gate covers openings from 50.5 to 192-inch. Composed eight panels of 24-inch that can connect to hinged posts offer a fantastic variety of shaping possibilities. You can also make a separate playing area for your baby with all his toys in his play space. The all-steel durable dog gate comes with a bonus kit and a 4-pack of wall mounts. It is suitable for large spaces in the hallways, lawns, and lounges, with removable panels.

Pros –

  • Packable, portable, and conveniently foldable for storage and easy setup.
  • Two in one design- Expands to form a 192- inch wall-mounted gate and 8-panel configurable play yard, and much more.
  • Eight removable and configurable panels can enclose 19 sq-feet
  • Adaptable and convenient walk-thru design
  • Easy one-touch safety lock release lever.

Cons –

  • The plastic joints may buckle if enough pressure is applied by the pup or the baby
  • Its feet don’t have rubber so if you have a carpet in your place, notice this fact
  • Take a fair bit of time to unscrew and rescrew while changing the shape
  • No, hold open options available for the gate.

7. Toddler by North East 42- inch SuperGate Ergo best dog gates for stairs

Toddler by North East 42- inch SuperGate Ergo best dog gates for stairs
Toddler by North East 42- inch SuperGate Ergo

This dog gate for Toddlers can cover openings from 26 to 42-inch wide, with 26-inch height. Suitable for stairways and gateways. It is comparably shorter than other gates but still can work well. It also includes wall cups for extra holding power and pressure mounts.

Pros –

  • Pressure or hardware mount
  • Easy installation
  • Good handle design to quickly open the gate and fits in the palm perfectly.
  • No threshold trip hazards when used as a mounted swing gate
  • The ivory finish goes with any home décor

Cons –

  • Made of plastic, and the dog may knock it down when he forcefully try to come out of it
  • The gate closing mechanism sometimes doesn’t slide easily and needs some force to close it
  • The instruction manual is not illustrated clearly and is trapped inside the sliding gate

8. KINGMAZI Extra-wide, walk Thru Pet best dog gates for stairs

8. KINGMAZI Extra-wide, walk Thrubest dog gates for stairs
8. KINGMAZI Extra-wide, walk Thru Pet Gate

Kingma pet gate expands to fit openings from 29.5 to 51.5-inch and can be used at doorways and stairs. It’s a heavy-duty gate that provides easy walk-through, is made of steel, and includes four wall mounts and a 6-inch comprehensive extension kit.

Pros –

  • Easy to install without damaging the walls
  • One hundred eighty degrees bidirectional swing- The two-way open feature makes it easy to enter and exit.
  • Auto-close when opened less than 90° and will remain open when opened at an angle greater than 90°.
  • Safety-lock and four wall cups for added security
  • The dual lock system makes it difficult for kids to open it, but it’s just easy for grown-ups

Cons –

  • May be bent and dislodged when a comparatively heavy pet leans on it.
  • The gate is flimsy where the extensions meet the door
  • The gate became wobbly and flimsy after a few months in some cases.

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  • If you have measured your doorway or any space where you want to install the dog/baby gate and went through the detailed information above, then you should have a clear idea which one to choose. But to make your decision even easier, we have concluded some essential features from the above products.
  • If you are looking for an all-in-one gate that is portable and foldable, can bisect an area as long as 192-inch, then you can go for Regalo 192-inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate (product no.6 above). It provides removable eight panels of 24-inch each that can be fit for smaller areas too. Suitable for separating large areas like hallways, lawns, and lounges, etc. It also allows several variations in shaping with some variations described earlier.
  • If all you want is an extra tall baby/dog gate, you may think of Summer Multi-use Extra Tall Gate that provides a 36-inch height. It also has an auto-close and hold-open feature that other gates don’t provide. For a detailed view, see product no.3 above.
  • KINGMAZI Extra-wide, walk Thru Pet Gate allows a wide walk thru space and adds another cool feature, and that is, it closes itself when opened at less than 90° and remains open when opened at more than 90° and with 180° bidirectional swing, You can open it at both sides. Its dual lock system makes it difficult to open with kids. See product no.8.
  • If you want a sturdy dog gate, you can choose Cumbor 46-inch Auto-close Safety Gate, which can withstand an impact between 150 and 200 pounds. For details, check product no.5.

P.S.: The numbering is just a formality here, and there is no suggestion from us. We have presented the limitations and features to you. You should select the one which suits you the most. THANKS.      

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