How Long Can Cats Go Without Food USA 2023?

Topic: How Long Can Cats Go Without Food

Keeping a pet is one of the best choices for every human being. Also, taking care of them and keeping a watch on them is a priority. Their good health is our first concern, and they need your attention and care the most. So if your pet is a cat that isn’t looking the best or having its meal, it has to be taken seriously. And here are a few questions that come to our minds when they aren’t eating.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food USA 2023
How Long Can Cats Go Without Food USA 2023

How long can cats go without food?

There are no specific answer that can define how long can cats go without food but depending on the water, cats can survive for one or two weeks, even without food. But without both food and water, it cannot survive for more than three days. But the above fact does not mean that they stay healthy without food or water. Without proper nourishment, they become weak day by day.  So better to remind ourselves that every cat requires regular food and water for its healthy living. 

Why do cats usually stop eating?

After knowing about how long can cats go without food let’s learn about Why do cats usually stop eating!

Cats can pretend very well. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the cat’s behavior. If a cat stops taking its meals, there could be several reasons –

1) Unwell –

Though they may be unwell, cats always pretend to stay well. But illness is one of the most common reasons why cats put a stop to eat. If your cat vomits or it has a fever or some other issues, then take advice from a veterinary doctor as soon as possible. 

2) Stomachache –

Just like a human being, a cat having a stomachache will also avoid food. If your cat eats something that doesn’t suit them, then it may lead to stomach aches. They may be vomiting. But this isn’t something to worry about, but if vomiting continues and their appetite doesn’t become routine, please visit a doctor.

3) Dental issue – 

A cat can have pain in its tooth or gum, so that eating can become painful for it. If your cat is chewing on one side or is not allowing you to touch its head, it needs a dental check-up.

4) Medicine –

Sometimes cats lose their appetite due to some adverse effects of the medicine. If any medication is given to your pet, you must check the side effects of that medicine and consult with a doctor to be sure before using it. 

5) Motion sickness –

After travelling a long distance via car or plane, your cat can suffer from motion sickness if your cat is not eating enough. Next time, please try to give some rest to your cat during the journey.

6) Food – 

Cats are very delicate about their food. Any changes in taste, quality, or even temperature can influence their craving. Check the expiry date of your cat’s food.

7) Changes in Environment –

Changes in the environment like the shift to a new house, new house member, death of an owner can affect their appetite. Even a shift of bowl or location of the bowl is enough to turn their nose up.

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What can you do if your cat is not eating –

Topic: How Long Can Cats Go Without Food

If your cat hasn’t been eating for a long time, it may be due to several causes. And first, we have to find out the real cause for it. It may be because of its stomach upset or respiratory problem or any other reasons, or it can even be that it does not as the food served. So we first need to watch out for the actual cause of its loss of appetite. For this you can search on internet terms like How Long Can Cats Go Without Food or Why cat stop eating food! or you can also take the help of a vet.

Suppose your cat is not having its food due to medical reasons; you first need to visit the veterinarian. He can tell you exactly why your cat doesn’t like to ingest food for a long time. 

He may thus suggest –

  • The cat should be put in a steam bath if the reason is upper respiratory disorder. It may clear up its nose so it can smell its food again and regain its interest in the food provided. 
  • Change of certain ingredients in the cat’s food 
  • Surgery, antibiotic dosage, or hospitalization if needed for severe cases.

And if your cat is a fussy eater, you may try –

  • Heating its food if it’s cold 
  • Adding additional flavors like tuna or other canned cat food can also help.
  • You may add meat broth, but it should not contain the flavors of garlic or onion as it can be dangerous for your pet.
  • Provide fresh food either by making them at home or bring fresh, canned food
  • Adding fish oil can also enhance the taste of the cat food and make your cat tempted to eat it.
  • Even nutty or cheesy flavors are what cats crave. So you may add a little bit of cheese to their food.
  • Maybe changing the appearance of the food can help to become appealing for them. So changing the texture, shape, or size of the food can help improve the situation.

Sometimes adding Purina FortiFlora probiotics can enhance their appetite and add an extra dose of probiotics to their diet, which is required for good health and nourishment.

We should always check if the food given to them has changed its ingredients in due time or not for a long time. And even check if the food has gone stale. 

Sometimes providing the cats with a quiet and calm area for eating can help them eat their food. And we should always check if the container they are given to eat their food is clean or not. 

Here is a video from Relax my cat YouTube channel that explaining what you can do if your cat stop eating food –


Final Conclusion of How Long Can Cats Go Without Food.

Even though your cat may not like to eat the food provided to it, it is crucial to supply it with the vital nutrients required to grow and lead a good life. So it is essential to look at what food is given to the cat and if it cannot chew correctly or is not willing to eat or dislike a specific type of food given to it. Even as mentioned above, the environment of the room or place where it is supposed to eat can also affect its food habits.

The cat may not like the texture or look of the food given to it. But all in all, we need to visit the veterinarian at first glance of them not willing to have the food. So we must always take care of what our pet likes and encourage them to have their food by simple tricks or as suggested by the vet. So with a proper diet, we can help our pet be healthy and strong. Hope you get answer of How Long Can Cats Go Without Food and what you can do if your cat stop eating

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