5 Types of Cat Personalities: Which One Is Your Cat?

Well, having a cat at home could bring you loads of fun and happiness. Yes, they will become a member of your family and start to show affection towards you from a certain stage. The most things about having a cat is that they are already cute in terms of their looks and behaviors. However, cats’ owners will be looking for their nature and they really want to move forward according to the nature of cats. Because, none of them know when ‌the cats will be angry or happy. So, the types of cat personalities are important to ‌people who love cats and want them to be pets.

types of cat personalities

On the other hand, if you are having more doubts to get clarified, you do not want to get worried about it. Yes, there are many people who research animals can give you the answers looking for. Even there are several sources available to pick and gather essential information regarding the cat personalities. Hmmm, so whenever you are planning to pet a cat whether it is stray or different breeds, knowing more about their nature are necessary.

If you find it very difficult to gather information that you want to get, you can also have a look at the below discussion. Here, we come up with five types of cat personalities. Yes, you must be aware of such things before going to pet the cats. Also, it will be helpful for you to take care of cats in a better way. So, without any delay, let’s get into the discussion below made on the types of cat personalities.

Types of Cat Personalities

First of all, you need to understand the fact that cats have different types of cat personalities as they mostly used to deliver. Well, some may think that the cats are always playful and having food. It is not like that and they do have emotions to carry in different ways. So, at this stage, understanding about your cats is always important and it will be helpful for you at the same time. According to the sources, there is several research done with the support of cat owners. Based on that, researchers got to know about different personalities that the cats could deliver.

Well, you need to know, Dr.LaurenFinka from the University of Lincoln did researchers with more than 200 cat owners. Based on the research, got to know some of the types of personalities of cats. If you want to check out more details regarding the types of cat personalities, you can have a look at the below discussion.

The Human Cat

Basically, this type of cat’s personality will be developed based on the handling from the human side. If it is done properly, your cat will pour love and affection towards you and stay always around you. At the same time, the cats will be well-adjusted in many cases. Well, this thing makes your cat stay calm for most of the time. Also, you will not be going to experience the violence or aggression from your cat and this is what people are looking for.

However, on the downside if you see, if you leave them alone at home, your separation from cats may lead them to experience anxiety for sure. At the same time, you can see that the cats will show possessiveness towards you when you share your space with other pets. So, this is how the human cat personalities are. They don’t like it if you are sharing your love with humans too.

Affectionate with fellow felines 

If you check out this personality, then this type of cats always wanted to show their affection towards their fellow felines. Yes, they love being able to stay with other cats. Also, they will start to spend more time with cats that are close to them by cuddling and playing often. It is important to know that they not only shower their love with cats but also with humans for sure. However, their first preference will be cats. In case, if you keep such cats alone without other fellows, then there is a chance to witness them in depression.

People who all have multiple cats at their home may experience such personalities from their fellow cats. Here, it is necessary to know that those owners should know that the cats always like to stay together with their fellow kitties. In case, if you are having an idea to separate, you shouldn’t do that as they will start to suffer from anxiety and depression. Also, it will lead to various issues as the cats should not experience such trauma.

Hunting cats

Among the types of cat personalities, we were able to see that hunting is one of their personalities. If you monitor them closely, if not the mice to hunt, they will choose toys which are looking like mice. Yes, such cats are always looking for mice or other eatable things to grab. The main things you need to know about such cats are they will mostly spend their time hunting. They will even be waking for many hours before going to hunt something and eat. When compared to other personalities, this personality type of cat will not be interested in affection or related to something.

Yes, even cat owners who all are interested in showing low and affection towards their cats with this personality may not succeed. In return, their cats will not deliver any love or affection mostly as their thoughts are completely towards hunting and eating something. So, whenever they get an opportunity to spend their time, types of cat personalities  they will always be focusing on hunting the mice or something they can eat. You can even check out that most of the time cat will hunt and take to your living area.

Cantankerous personality

If you compare this cat’s personality to a human cat which is completely opposite to it for sure. Most of the time they will feel uncomfortable sharing their space with you. Also, they are not at all interested in being touched or picked up by you. Even the interaction you do will not excite them for sure. It is important to know that this type of cat with such a personality will always feel nervous and they are not comfortable with humans often. If you try to shower a lover on them, they will not tolerate that and they want to stay separated from humans.

As we mentioned above that these cats are not at all cuddly as you cannot expect that from them. Basically, as per the research, they are said to be the creatures who love to stay independently for most of the time. If you leave them alone for many days, types of cat personalities they don’t care about that. In case, if this type of cat decides to pour love towards you, types of cat personalities then it will deliver more than your expectations for sure. But you cannot expect this thing for most of the time in general.

Prying Cat

If you have a look at these types of cats, they will always be interested in roaming here and there in your home. Yes, they will keep sniffing at your home and if any guest visits your home and wants the cat with such personality to pour some love; your guests in return will not get affection for sure. So, keep it in mind that your cat will start to smell the guest or visitor up and down and move forward. But the fact is they will be very playful with cat owners and the attachment towards outsiders will take time and of course they need patience to wait until the cats deliver love.

Basically, these types of cats are very much interested in playing with‌ toys. For instance, they always like to play with mazes, bags, boxes, clothes and more. However, they are always brave and at the same time confident about what they are doing. But it is important to know that you shouldn’t treat them as outside cats. If you do that, the cats will get triggered and develop their curiosity which may lead to several issues at the end. At this stage, when you compare it to other personalities, types of cat personalities this type of cat is always interesting and at the same time they love their cat owners very much.

Final words

So, people who want to become a cat owner, they should know the personalities of the cat. Yes, it will be helpful for you to handle the cats you have any time in a smoother way.

On the other hand, you can also discuss with the respective experts who will offer more information about the personality of cats. According to the personality, you can choose the perfect pet for your home based on your interest. Yes, opinions and interest will be varied person to person. Hopefully, the above discussion of the types of cat personalities will be helpful to gain some knowledge related to this any time.

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