5 Best Electronic Dog Doors: with smart pet door key

Most dog parents find it difficult to remain with their pets every time and fulfill what they want. For example, when their dog wants to go outside of the house to play, and if you have more than one pet, then this demands that there should be a guardian present all the time with them who will ensure which dog has the permission to leave its place and which dog or cat doesn’t have it. 

It also keeps unwanted animals out of the house and allows your dog to enter quickly. You can fix the electronic door to the walls too.

Electronic dog doors perform their functions brilliantly. It limits the dogs’ access to their place, which are not allowed to leave, and let those pets/dogs pass through it which are permitted to do so (see the next heading, how the electronic dog doors work).

Care of Paws once again brought a list of the “Top 5 Best Electronic Dog doors” in the market on a single page.

Note: The products below, which come under the same brand name, nearly have the same functionality; hence only the additional pros are mentioned.  

What is an electronic dog Door? How does it work?

The electronic dog doors is a modification to the conventional dog door, and it works by automatically opening and closing the door flap by itself. 

These electronic doors are equipped with dedicated smart collar keys. Only the dogs/pets wearing that smart key can pass the door, and the pets who are not allowed to go outside their space can be prohibited from doing so.   

The door has special sensors that detect the smart key within its range using radio signals. When the door senses the dog wearing the intelligent key near it, it opens the door’s flap for a specified time, and when the dog goes beyond the limit, it automatically closes the door. 

Most electronic dog doors have the flexible option for a completely locked and completely unlocked flap doors.d

Things to remember while buying Electronic Dog Door –

If you are in hurry and want a perfect product without reading the entire blog you can take the help of these simple guides –

If you own multiple pets, you can select Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door (product no. 2), allowing five smart keys to be programmed successfully.

If you live in freezing weather, such as in the Midwest, you can choose Power Pet Electronic Dog Door (product no. 5), which completely blocks the cold air from entering the house.

If you own a pet with a long tail, you should not buy any of the Pet Safe products; most people complain about this. Instead, you can choose Plexidor performance PDE (product no. 1) and Power Pet Electronic dog Doors (product no.5)

The intelligent keys of some dog doors have no rechargeable batteries, or if they have rechargeable, they don’t last long; if you don’t want to encounter such a problem, you should buy Plexidor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door (product no. 1)

Measure the dog’s size – Before buying an electronic dog door, know the exact measurements of your dog so that you will select the right sized door for your dog. To make correct measurements, make sure your dog is standing, measure the width of your dog’s chest, and measure the height from your dog’s shoulder to the bottom of the chest. 

Dog weight – You should also check the importance of the dog before ordering the door for you, as most of the product sizes are classified regarding the dog’s weight.

Long Tail – If your dog has a long tail, ensure that the Door you choose will offer a smooth closing and opening of the door to avoid any injury.

Multiple pets – If you have more than one pet, you should go for the dog door, which easily supports more smart keys to be programmed with it. 

Easy Compliance – You should check the door you are considering. You can fix the type of door you have. For example, some doors can’t work well on metal doors.

Top 5 Best Electronic Dog Door –

1. Plexidor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door – wall Mount Door

Plexidor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door - wall Mount Door
May malfunction when it gets too cold

The Plexidor PDE Electronic Pet door is an excellent door made of sturdy aluminum and ensures convenience and security for your dog. This electronic dog door can accommodate dogs weighing up to 125 pounds.

The unique thing about the Plexidor PDE electronic pet door is that its collar keys don’t require any battery or snap to be functional. The keys can be programmed with one-touch programming so that it is easy to add or change thousands of codes with one touch.

You can also set the timing for the door to remain open. The door uses the RIFD technology; when the sensor reads pre-programmed coding, it opens the door only for your dog, which has the dedicated smart key on his collar.

It can be hardwired or plugged into a standard household outlet. Product dimensions are 17.13 x 12 x 54.63 inches.

It comes with a 5-year residential warranty

Pros –

  • Suitable for dogs up to 125 pounds
  • Hardened ABS panels that slide up and down
  • Will not close if obstructed, ensures pets and child safety
  • Lightweight and waterproof collar keys
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • One-touch programming system
  • Two collar keys are included with it.
  • You can also install it on a stud, brick, block, and cement walls

Cons –

  • It makes a loud noise like screeches
  • The range of the transmitter is less; dogs sometimes have to come close to the door to open it
  • May malfunction when it gets too cold

2. Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door

Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door
Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door

Pet Safe is a trusted US-based company and has been serving the pet industry for about 30 years. Pet safe electronic door helps your dog whenever he wants and stops stray animals from entering the house. 

This door is made up of a solid aluminum frame and can be programmed for up to 5 intelligent keys, so there should be no problem for multiple pets.  

Measurements for large size are:


Width (inches)

Height (inches)

Flap opening




17 5/16 

24 13/16


15 5/8

23 ¼

This smart door has exclusive 3 programmable modes with LED indicators for each mode:

  • Locked – The door will remain closed until you want it to open.
  • Unlocked – The door will remain open allowing free entrance and exit to your pet until you switch the mode.
  • Automatic – Only the pets having the smart key on their collar can pass through the door. When the sensor detects the smart key worn by the pet within its range, it opens the door and when the key gets out of the range it automatically locks the door.

Pros –

  • Sturdy door; made from aluminum and is suitable to be adjusted on storm wood, PVC, and metal interior and exterior doors.
  • The range of the smart key can be adjusted up to 3 feet.
  • Great for multiple pets, the door can be programmed for five keys

Cons –

  • Not suitable for such dog breeds and other pets having a long tail. When the dog passes through the door it’s snap which is made of hard plastic just shut on the tail causing a serious injury.
  • It May not function well when installed on metal doors or if there are any electrical appliances around. This is because of the interference effect caused by the radio signals that operate it.
  • Some people complain that their dog damaged the collar and chewed the battery out of it.
  • The battery is not rechargeable.

3. Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra Smart Key

Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra Smart Key
Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra Smart Key

This Pet Safe Electronic smart door is suitable for large-sized dogs and is made of a solid and durable plastic frame. It also allows changeable modes between fully opened, closed, and auto-close. Other features are the same as above.

Pros –

  • Selective entry-exit and auto-locking features
  • Durable plastic frame, LED indicators, and sensitivity control option
  • Works with a battery-operated smart key (1 included in the battery box)
  • Easily programmable up to 5 intelligent keys at a touch of a button
  • Each key uses radio-frequency identification signals, and when the door sensor senses those signals, it opens the flap
  • Good for large-sized dogs

Cons –

  • It lets cold air come through it even when the flap is closed (if this could be a problem for you, you can check out our other products)
  • The battery dies out early and is not rechargeable; every time it dies, you have to change the battery (for this problem, you can check out our products no.1 and

4. Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra 6 Volt Battery

Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra 6 Volt Battery
Pet Safe Electronic Smart Door Large, with Extra 6 Volt Battery

Besides performing all the functions as other Pet Safe Doors do, this door is modified with additional 6 Volts batteries and a waterproof battery module. Led indicators and sensitivity control options are available. 

Pros –

  • Overall size dimensions of the frame are 16 1/8 by 23 5/8 inches
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Led indicators and sensitivity control options are available
  • The patented waterproof battery module
  • Two 6- volts battery modules per package
  • Three programmable modes; Locked, open, and automatic
  • At automatic mode, the door opens automatically when it senses the smart key worn on the pet’s collar
  • Long shelf life

Cons –

  • The unlocking action is loud, and the motor also poop during the unlock
  • It is not whether efficient, especially in winter, ice forms on the top and interferes with the auto mode
  • Cold air can penetrate through it even when locked

5. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door – Medium – PX1

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door – Medium – PX1
Power Pet Electronic Pet Door – Medium – PX1

The PX-1 size is suitable for most dogs weighing up to 30 pounds. Please make sure that you will get the right size door for your dog. If you are unsure about the size, you can go with the PX-2 size, which is excellent for large-sized dogs. The walk-thru area for medium size doors is 8.31 inches wide and 10 inches high.

Pros –

  • The door has options to remain fully opened and closed.
  • LED indicators are present, indicating when the battery is low or charged and connected to a power supply.
  • You can change the detection range for both inside and outside areas, depending on your priority.
  • Chargeable collar battery.
  • The door slides back without power to ensure that the pets or their tail do not get stuck in the door.
  • The door doesn’t radiate or leak cool air once it is closed.

Cons –

  • Some people complain that the door remains open for just 2 seconds and cannot be set to stay open for up to 6 seconds (mentioned in the instructions manual).
  • The instruction manual is not well written.
  • The collar or battery may not function properly after three months or so and is expensive to replace.


I hope this article will help you in choosing the best electronic dog doors for your home. We try to provide as much as information about the products. 

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Every product has its pros and cons. We have concluded the whole thing here.

One option is standard in all of the doors, and that is the programmable mode between locked, unlocked, and automatic.

Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electronic dog door work?

Most of the electronic dog doors come with a smart key, which needs to be attached in your dog collar. When your dog or the smart key comes within the radio frequency of the smart gate, it opens automatically.

How electronic dog doors are different from microchip dog doors?

Electronic dog doors usually come with a smart key that needs to be attached to your dog collar, while in microchip dog doors you need to implant the chip inside your dog’s body.

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