15 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bite Forces

Do you know some dogs bite can kill humans? Yes, that’s true. Some dogs are well known for their bite forces. Here we are sharing 15 Dog Breeds with the strongest bite forces that you should know before adopting one.

15 Dog Breeds with Strongest Bite Forces
15 Dog Breeds with Strongest Bite Forces

Dogs are the loveliest animals of all; they are man’s best friends, wonderful playmates, and good athletes. In the US, dogs are amongst the most popular pet animals and over 63 million households own dog as a pet. But their love for humans, friendly behavior, and cuteness don’t exempt them from being called “wild”; in fact, dogs are the “descendants of the wolf”.

Despite having other friendly attributes they also acquire a “Strong Bite Force” to tackle their enemies and to catch their prey. Dogs use their strong canines to break strong bones and to grab prey tightly. The bite force of an average dog is round about 230 to 250 PSI.

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In this blog we have listed the dog breeds with the Strongest Bite forces along with their origin and diet; this might be helpful for you if you love to own a dog with the strongest bite force.

What is PSI?

PSI (Pounds per square inch) is a common unit of pressure that is used to measure force per square inch. Certain dogs can bite as hard as 740 PSI. Here are the top dog breeds with the strongest bite forces.

15 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bite Forces –

1. Kangal Bite Force –

Kangal Bite Force
Kangal Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Kangal’s bite force is no doubt the strongest bite force of all the dog breeds in the world; it has a bite force of 734 Psi. It is a large-sized dog with a height of about 70-80 cm and weighs about 50 to 60 kg. Kangal is an ancient breed that is exceptionally fierce and loyal in battles. They are suited to working in pairs and teams; mainly used as a guardian to the livestock and to protect flocks from predators such as foxes, wolves, and bears. Kangal dogs are alert and self-controlled, usually peaceful towards known humans and children, and are good family pets.


Kangal is a Turkish breed and is also named Turkish Shepherds but later in the 20th century, it became popular in the US because of its ability to guard sheep, goats, and cattle.

Kangal dogs can be fed on meat, boiled bones, or dog food.

2. Bandog Bite Force –

Bandog Bite Force
Bandog Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

A cross between American Pitbull and Mastiff resulted in a large-sized and courageous dog called “Bandog”. The jaws of a Bandog can exert a force up to 730 psi. Bandog is a resilient dog that is heavily boned and muscled, seems intimidating, and is ferocious when provoked. Bandog was primarily bred for fighting, hunting, and guarding property. They are self-confident, intelligent, even-tempered loyal, and trustworthy. Bandogs are great guardians for property and personal belongings; they are usually chained throughout the day and released at night for security purposes.  They perfectly fit as a pet animal and need a consistent routine to play and work.


Although the exact origin of Bandog or “Bandogge” is unknown they are thought to have come into existence in England around 1200-1300. Its ancestors are believed to be Mastiff and American Pitbull.

They grow at a good pace and hence need good quality organic dog food. The average height of a grown Bandog is 20-30 inches and weighs about 30-50 kg.

3. Cane Corso Bite Force –

Cane Corso Bite Force
Cane Corso Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

The Cane Corso belongs to the category of working dog breeds known as Molossus dogs; they are giant, big-boned guardian dogs of Mastiff type. Cane Corso is also called Italian Mastiff. With 700 psi bite force; this is one of the strongest dog breeds in terms of bite force.

Cane Corso was originally bred as hunting dogs and War dogs, they acquire a big size and at the first glance seem deadly but they are affectionate both to humans and other dogs. The average size of this breed’s dogs is about 25 to 28 inches and the weight above 100 pounds, generally varies with the height with the life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. They can be trained easily and are always willing to learn new things. Cane Corso is vigilant and proves themselves great watchdogs and reacts to any potential danger.


The origin of Cane Corso can be traced back to Italy hence named Italian Mastiff. The Molossus is believed to be the ancestors of Cane Corso other relative Mastiff-type dogs. They can be well fed on high-quality dog food whether ready-made or home-prepared.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux Bite Force –

Dogue de Bordeaux Bite Force
Dogue de Bordeaux Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Dogue de Bordeaux is a remarkably courageous, loyal, affectionate, and protective dog breed. They acquire a bite force of 556 psi and are a threat to strangers. They are loyal to humans of every age but can be stubborn if not trained well. Despite being lazy, Dogue de Bordeaux dogs still make great watchdogs and protectors.  Their massive head features a Bulldog-like jaw and is amongst the largest heads in the dog’s kingdom. Dogues are immensely powerful and have a stocky body; look like lions when they move. Males can go 27 inches high and 110 pounds or above.


  Dogue de Bordeaux is the most ancient French dog breed, also known as “French Mastiff”.

5. Tosa Inu Bite Force –

Tosa Inu Bite Force
Tosa Inu Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Tosa Inu have significant strength to use their jaws up to 556 psi. They are large-sized, friendly, and quite calm dogs. Specifically stated; Tosa Inu is used for dog fighting in Japan and is the only legal dog breed to use in dog fights. Tosa Inu is quite big but they will not harm their loved ones when trained properly. Tosa Inu originated from Japan from the cross between English Mastiff, Bulldog, and Great Dane, the reason was sure; to create an exceptionally fierce canine gladiator.


As mentioned above Tosa Inu is a Japanese dog but non-Japanese breeders were able to breed Tosa Inu, there are some differences though. The non-Japanese breed weighs about 60 to 90 Kg and stands 24 to 32 inches tall; is considerably larger than the Japanese breed which weighs about 36 to 61 Kg. Some countries have banned the import of Tosa Inu because of their lethal traits; in the UK their ownership is regulated under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

6. English Mastiff Bite Force –

English Mastiff Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

English Mastiff is an immense breed of dogs. The ancestors of these dogs are Molossus who were incredibly ferocious and talented war dogs. They are quite large but prove excellent family pets and are suitable if you have kids around. Mastiffs have a bite strength of 552 psi which is enough to crush the enemy’s bones easily. The size when coupled with their strength makes them challenging to train but they learn new things quickly. Despite being giant and strong, they are an extremely gentle breed. Care must be taken during the training period. Mastiffs are sometimes lazy and don’t require that much exercise as other dog breeds do.


As the name suggests the origin of English Mastiffs in England and used as a guard and fighting dog in England for more than 2,000 years.

Mastiffs require 2-7 pounds of meat and bones daily depending on their size and age or you can use commercially prepared dog food containing a balanced meal for your mastiff.

7. Dogo Canario Bite Force –

Dogo Canario Bite Force
Dogo Canario Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

The Perro de Presa Canario or is otherwise known as Dogo Canario is one of the most lethal canines present out there. They are also reported in numerous fatal attacks. Dogo Canarios were typical battle dogs and are still very aggressive but they can make good family pets if trained alongside children and other pets. They can clutch their enemies with the bite force of 540 psi.

Their remarkable strength when aided with aggressive behavior demands an experienced trainer to train them well. They have proven themselves excellent guard dogs and a lovely family member. The most important thing is that they require a lot of physical exercise and need a big yard to play, regular mental stimulation.


Dogo Canario is found mostly in the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The Presa Canario is a Spanish breed of mastiff or catches dog type. It originates in the region of the Canary Islands of Spain.

They are best fed on dog foods containing the right mix of proteins, fibers, and fats.

8. Dogo Argentino Bite Force –

Dogo Argentino Bite Force
Dogo Argentino Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Dogo Argentino is large, powerful, and muscular; and possesses the strength, intelligence, and quick responsiveness of an extraordinary athlete. These dogs are hunters and love games. Their quick reflexes, heavy stature, and bite strength of 500 psi are enough to surprise anyone. Dogo Argentino is naturally aggressive but they don’t snap without reason and definitely, no one will want to be a reason for this.

Dogo Argentino possesses an excellent prey drive and is known for its hunting abilities. Despite being fairly intelligent they are not easy to train. Early socializing and perfect training can make them relentless guardians and a good addition to the family.


 Dogo Argentino is developed in the Cordoba region of Argentina by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez who wanted to create an exemplary breed for hunting and fighting purposes. The primary breed used for Dogo Argentino was the fighting dog of Cordoba although other breeds also contributed to the formation of ultimate Dogo Argentino.

9. Wolf Dog Bite Force –

Wolf Dog Bite Force
Wolf Dog Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Inherently all dogs are the descendants of wolves, but what about the dog which comes directly from the cross of a grey wolf and a domestic dog, called Wolf Dog; they contain all the special features of a wolf. Wolf Dogs are not so popular in most households to keep as pet dogs because of their stubbornness and other challenging behavior. Keeping a wolf dog can be more dangerous than other average dogs. They register a bite force of 406 psi.

The behavior of wolf dogs cannot be predicted with certainty and may differ from both wolf and dog hence they can be difficult to train. They are usually aggressive. Wolf dogs are comparatively healthier and are prone to fewer inherited diseases than most dog breeds.

Wolf dogs do not thrive on typical dog food; they like to eat raw meat instead. You should feed your wolf dog several pounds of raw meat daily.   

10. Leonberger Bite Force –

Leonberger Bite Force
Leonberger Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Leonberger is a mix of Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, and the Great Pyrenees. These dogs are calm, gentle, adorable. It seems that Leonberger came into this world to bark and chew but when angered they can exert a great bite force up to 399 psi. They are one of the largest dogs when it comes to size and can grow up to 25-31 inches tall and 120-170 pounds.

Leonbergers are playful and a great family dog and are good with people of all ages. They were bred to resemble lions, but actually, they don’t. Leonberger needs intense exercise and grooming and requires a lot of training, but it is worth doing to gain a fantastic loyal companion.


Leonbergers are named after the city Leonberg or in the modern-day Baden-Wurttemberg situated in Germany from where they originate. 

Their diet should contain fats and proteins in excess to help their large body grow at a natural pace.

11. Rottweiler Bite Force –

Rottweiler Bite Force
Rottweiler Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Rottweiler is amongst the intelligent dog breeds and is recognized as a guard dog. They acquire a pretty impressive bite force of 328 Psi so it’s good to keep them happy or they can injure anyone. Rotties can make great pets if trained right otherwise they may become fierce and dangerous. They are kept in with military force due to their intelligence, ease of training, and calm behavior.

They are well-adjusted to active families where they can play and get the required exercise regularly. A Rottweiler loves company and is usually calm towards strangers but they may not like the presence of other dogs around them.  


Rottweiler is a working breed that is thought to be the descendants of drover dogs found in Germany. Rottweiler can stand as tall as 22 to 27 inches and can weigh between 90 to 110 pounds.  

12. American Bulldog Bite Force –

American Bulldog Bite Force
American Bulldog Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

American bulldogs are strong, muscular, and attentive dogs and they need a lot of exercise as their routine to keep them entertained. They make great pets and most of the dog-lovers think of having one as their pet. American bulldog has a bite strength of 305 psi and they are very sensitive and affectionate dogs.

These dogs want to spend most of their time with their owner and work magnificently around kids. These dogs require relatively low grooming because of their small hair – although they are known to drool.


As the name suggests they belong to America and are believed that they were present in America since the 17th century. American bulldogs were usually used as farm guards, stock dogs, and catch dogs by farmers and ranchers. Their usual height is about 22 to 25 inches and the weight can go up to 100 pounds. 

13. German Shepherd Bite Force –

 German Shepherd Bite Force
German Shepherd Bite Force, Pic Credit – akc.org

The German shepherd is among the most popular and beloved dog breeds and they can be seen in nearly every neighborhood. They are large-sized dogs and are very friendly to almost everyone but it is still good to keep yourself away from a German shepherd if they don’t recognize you – because they acquire a quite strong bite force of 228 psi and which can be dangerous.

The breed however is very affectionate, friendly, and smart and makes great guard dogs. Their smartness and other skills are utilized in armed forces and as guide dogs, which place them amongst the top “Working Dog” breeds.

German Shepherds are relatively easy to train and are good learners – but the thing to consider while adopting one as a pet is that they have a large coat and shed a lot. They are highly energetic and need a lot of exercise and playtime; their energy never seems to run out. 


German Shepherds originated from Germany and this breed was usually used for herding sheep and protecting flocks from predators.

14. American Pit Bull Bite Force –

American Pit Bull Bite Force
American Pit Bull Bite Force, Pic Credit -Wikipedia

American Pit Bull is a notorious and aggressive dog and was bred for fighting purposes, their jaws can exert a force of up to 235 psi which is not the highest but strong enough to hurt anyone. This dog breed is ill-famed as horrible and they actually are; perhaps this is the reason they are banned in the UK.

Alongside, they are good learners and are easy to train; they can be friendly, loyal, and playful dogs making the right companions – but only if they get the right training.


The origin of Pit Bulls can be accurately traced back to the early 1800s in the United Kingdom, they were originally bred from old English bulldogs and the reason was to get a fast and notorious dog. They were used in dogfights, bull-baiting, and ratting. When these dogs were brought to America they were commonly used for herding cattle, guarding livestock, protecting families from thieves and wild animals. 

15. Boxer Bite Force –

Boxer Bite Force, Pic Credit – Wikipedia

Boxer is at the top of the list when it comes to affection love and friendliness. Their physical appearance doesn’t match their behavior at all. They are friendly, affectionate, and especially great with kids, and are a wonderful addition to the family. They have got a bite force of 230 psi.

Boxers are highly energetic dogs and demand a lot of exercise and play as most dogs do. Their friendly nature and willingness to adjust to new people and other dogs make them the most loveable breed. These dogs are smart and ready to learn new things also make great companions. Although they can be quite dangerous if not trained well. 


Boxers originated from Germany in the 19th century and were used as butchers helpers to control cattle in the slaughterhouses. They were bred to be the companion and guard dogs – are best known as loyal family pets. 


Dogs are the most loveable and friendly animals, helping man for hundreds and thousands of years in many ways such as hunting, protecting the flock and guarding property, etc, and they are the most popular pet animals for centuries.

Dogs are sensitive and express their love for their owner and their home. But they can be lethal if angered or not trained well, as we have seen that they can bite as hard as 700 psi and above which is enough to kill someone and to crush bones. In general, most dogs don’t rush without any reason.

So the whole story revolves around fulfilling the training needs of a pet dog and providing the level of care, time, and exercise that certain breeds of dogs need. Early socializing with humans and other pets and good training can bring you a playmate and a loyal companion who will do anything for you even at the risk of his life.

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